The Instagram Problem

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Now that we are some months on from the whole scandal with the Instagram terms of service and their desire to sell everyone’s photos willy nilly, I find myself still stuck on a problem that I noticed long before that occurred or even before they were bought by Google for a whopping 1 Billion clams. It’s the problem of the look of the photos themselves on Instagram.


No doubt you are saying to yourself, “well you’re a photographer, of course you’d nit pick the super duper awesome look of the Instagram filters”. You may be in part right, but lets take a look at it shall we. When Instagram came out it was an awesome way to share photos that looked neat. As the buzz and users grew, so did this sense that we finally had a neat way to show interesting moments from our days from our iPhones. It was simple, snap, filter, post, repeat. When we first began seeing Instagram photos they were novel, interesting, and fresh. They were our replacements for old analog paper photographs that once filled what we used to use the word “album” for.

But as the buzz skyrocketed even further and millions turned into more millions of users and millions turned into billions of Instagram posts, the novelty wore off. The same 15 filters that once represented the quickest way to make a photo look cool, became that one jacket that everybody bought from the gap that one year. It became like going to the same restaurant every day and eating off the same menu. It’s cool the first couple of times, but after a while, you just want something different. So it was and presently is with Instagram. Their filters are kinda lame. They’re no longer simulating “old timey” photographs and have actually become “old time” in real life terms. The fad is over. The trend has passed. Time to adapt Instagram (actually Facebook) and just be a photo sharing service.

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