10 Ways to know if you’re an entrepreneur
1. You don’t need this list to tell you that you are an entrepreneur. 2. You’re too busy building, making, thinking up something to read this list. 3. Find it funny how many lists there are like this. 4. Ready to stop reading this list 5. Skipped to the end of the list already. 6. [...] Read more – ‘10 Ways to know if you’re an entrepreneur’.
Comments are broken ):
The internet affords us all sorts of very wonderful things. Access to a massive amount of information, ridiculously funny panda/cat/baby videos, and the ability to connect to just about anyone in the world at any time. It’s so cool that just the other day when my daughter asked what worms eat and I had no [...] Read more – ‘Comments are broken ):’.
The Instagram Problem
Now that we are some months on from the whole scandal with the Instagram terms of service and their desire to sell everyone’s photos willy nilly, I find myself still stuck on a problem that I noticed long before that occurred or even before they were bought by Google for a whopping 1 Billion clams. [...] Read more – ‘The Instagram Problem’.
Great Scott
We are now two months on from an event that both shook and confused the world of cinema, the death, or rather suicide, of Tony Scott. He directed such movies as Man on Fire, Taking of Pelham 123, True Romance, Crimson Tide, and most famously Top Gun. I don’t think there exists one person on [...] Read more – ‘Great Scott’.
Expendable picture quality
So here’s the thing… in this modern age of cinema where the popcorn, soda, and tasty snacks cost far more than the 9 bucks or so for entrance into the nightly silver screen showing, I expect a few things. Firstly, that that popcorn is thoroughly buttered and salted, that that soda is mostly soda and [...] Read more – ‘Expendable picture quality’.
Patton Oswald’s advice
Patton Oswald’s open letter advice to comedians, that really applies to all creatives. Dear comedian in 2012: How are you? I am good. In answer to your last letter, the mozzarella sticks at the Irvine Improv do taste weird. I’m taking your advice and sticking with the nachos. Hey, ‘know what I was thinking the [...] Read more – ‘Patton Oswald’s advice’.
5 Questions for Prometheus
Prometheus was heralded as the movie to see this summer by sci-fi fanboys and movie lovers alike, second only maybe to The Dark Knight Rises. With so much hype surrounding the film, was it destined to never be able to live up, or was it given extra points for being the “prequel” to such an [...] Read more – ‘5 Questions for Prometheus’.
Welcome to the digital home of Jelani Memory. It contains my musings on film, tech, life, and the things and people I come across that intrest me. I’m an entrepreneur, a dad, and a follower of Jesus. Think of this as my big digital box of play that fits all the toys that wouldn’t fit [...] Read more – ‘Hello!’.